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OFF3R launches index for AIM

OFF3R analysed major equity crowdfunding platforms including Seedrs, Crowdcube, Syndicate Room, Angels Den, Envestors and The House Crowd. The P2P lending platforms examined were Zopa, Landbay, RateSetter, ArchOver, Marketinvoice, Lending

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Crowd investors prioritise management

Crowd investors are more likely to base their investment decisions on information about the management team and product in an equity crowdfunding campaign rather than on the information about the

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Crowdfunding can offer investors a way into BTL

Property crowdfunding, where investors are brought together to buy properties for the buy-to-let or property development market, is a relatively new concept but has been growing in popularity. However lack

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Viewpoint: Syria unsettling markets could boost gold

Gold continued its rise to exceed $1,400/oz in late August. However, we believe that the main drivers of the gold price in July and August were the rise in demand