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HSBC Q3 beats; IBM&Eh? A 63% premium?

FTSE 100 Index called to open +15pts at 6955, with an overnight sell-off from 7000 keeping it in a 1-week falling channel towards 2018 lows of 6838, which it flirted


China plays “catch-down” after Golden Week

FTSE 100 Index called to open flat at 7318, but back below the 7323 key level (mid-Sept breakout) it re-tested late Friday. Bulls need a break above 7340 overnight highs.

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China PMIs + $ hampering Miners

FTSE 100 Index called to open -20pts at 7436, still under pressure, flirting with a revisit of last week’s 4-month lows. A breach of this could mean a decline to

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Emerging markets: the wallflower at the stock exchange party

Developed markets have been having a whale of a time lately. No matter what we seem to throw their way, they just continue to climb and the party rages on.

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Will China fly in 2017?

The view from Matthew Dobbs, fund manager, Asian Equities “We are in the middle of the Chunyun, or Spring Festival when the people of China take to trains, planes and

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Three predictions for 2017

Like the wise men or the French hens, good things come in threes and so I’ve put together three predictions for 2017 and how investors might react to those: The

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China soft landing unlikely as data disappoints

China is trying to move from a construction and manufacturing economy  to a consumer economy. As such the Government’s goal has been to reduce production in China’s older industries such

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No FTSE joy for the shorts

Ex-dividend day on the FTSE 100 has seen the index lag behind its peers, but it has doggedly clawed back losses as the broader equity market enjoys yet more gains.

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China outperforms but is it a one-trick pony?

Chinese GDP growth was unchanged in the second quarter of the year, at 6.7% year-on-year, though it accelerated in quarter-on-quarter terms to 1.8%, from 1.2% previously. The reading, along with

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Top performing Elite Funds so far

Amidst all the market turmoil of 2016, some very serious money has been made if you have been invested in the right asset class. Gold bullion is up 22.6% year