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Emerging markets: the wallflower at the stock exchange party

Developed markets have been having a whale of a time lately. No matter what we seem to throw their way, they just continue to climb and the party rages on.

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Five hidden gems for your ISA

There’s always an allure to knowing about the best things before anyone else does. Whether it’s a new restaurant, a hot holiday destination or, in my case, a ‘hidden’ investment

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FOMO, JOMO and finding the next iPhone

Spending time with my young nieces and nephews over the Christmas break I was introduced to not one but two new acronyms: FOMO and JOMO. FOMO (or, fear of missing

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Don’t be put off by India’s cash cull

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took out 86% of all cash in circulation when he announced 500 and 1,000 rupee bills would no longer be legal tender earlier this month1.


Do not overlook the Italian referendum

There is an extremely important vote coming up and no, I don’t mean the US election. The deafening media delirium coming from the US is causing us all to overlook

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Bond yields: Like a broken record

We’ve had all sorts of broken records this month. Usain Bolt was the first person to win the 100m and 200m races three Olympics running, a Georgian weightlifter hoisted an

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Europe marks four years of “whatever it takes”

Don’t fight the Fed has been an investing rule of thumb for many a year. Its popularity resurged in 2008 as major central banks around the world, led by the

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Gold gets Brexit boost but is it a good buy?

Gold has a long history as a hedge in uncertain times and so its 13.8% rise (in sterling terms)1 on Friday after the UK voted to leave the EU is

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Invest in Asia: it’s not just China and Japan

Uncertainty over China has put some people off Asia in recent years, but long-term investors ignore the region at their peril. In my view, recurring themes of young populations, growing

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Silver lining to oil

The oil price is something most of us probably only ever think about as we’re filling up the car. Figures of US$30, $40 or $50 a barrel on the nightly