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I’ll wait a bit – Brexit is nowhere near being “done” and let us not forget about the Italian situation as that isn’t going away.

Today is likely to be a little volatile as Theresa May announces that the Brexit deal is all but there. Already this morning the Euro and the Pound have gained

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Get ready, a perfect storm is brewing.

As I have said many times October 2018 was going to be a big month but it looks like it might be bigger than I thought. Trump isn’t getting his

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Morning Editorial: Who dares walks

FTSE 100 Index called to open +30pts at 7645, having extended Friday’s rebound to 7660. However, it is off its highs having been knocked back by falling highs resistance since

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Morning Editorial: Channelling your inner Bull

Channelling your inner Bull FTSE 100 Index called to open flat at 7859, within a new 2-day rising channel that sits in the middle of the longer term 8-week corridor

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Most landlords undeterred by Brexit uncertainty

Only one in ten landlords would postpone expanding their property portfolios because of Brexit, whilst 3% of landlords said they would increase their investment in the buy-to-let market. However, other

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Article 50: what does this mean for investors?

The passing of the Brexit Bill through Parliament will enable Theresa May to formally write to the European Union and trigger Article 50 on 29 March – effectively firing the

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The road to Brexit – what’s next for investors?

Azad Zangana, senior European economist at Schroders, believes the UK’s exit payment will be an issue. Commenting he said: “The triggering of Article 50 itself will largely be a non-event for

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Dow rally encourages optimism in markets

Markets are turning to riskier assets as we approach the back end of the week with the glee of yesterday’s 20,000 milestone for the Dow providing the basis for bullish

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Supreme court rules government cannot trigger article 50 without act of Parliament

The supreme court has ruled eight to three that the government can not trigger article 50 and start the UK’s exit from the European Union without a vote in Parliament.

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Brexit speech: experts react

The Prime Minister seems to have achieved her goal of setting out a plan without giving too much away and markets – for now – appear happy to give her