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Emerging markets: the wallflower at the stock exchange party

Developed markets have been having a whale of a time lately. No matter what we seem to throw their way, they just continue to climb and the party rages on.

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Brazil shines as India disappoints

India’s second quarter GDP recorded a significant slowdown, growing 7.1% year-on-year (y/y) compared to 7.9% in the first quarter. Growth of 7.6% had been expected. The government’s preferred measure, GVA

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What is the outlook for Brazil?

It’s been a turbulent few years for investment companies investing in Latin America but one year performance data for JPMorgan Brazil Investment Trust, BlackRock Latin American Investment Trust and Aberdeen

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Brazil recovery will take time and luck

Brazil’s first quarter GDP growth of -5.4% year-on-year sounds devastatingly bad, but such is the state of the Latin American economy that it is actually an improvement. The figures were better

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Is South Africa the next Brazil?

South Africa used to exhibit the hallmarks of a strong emerging market: stable politics, sustainable growth, good management teams at companies plus a ticket to the last frontier: corporate Africa.