Vmoto Ltd (VMT)

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Company Description

Vmoto Ltd is a scooter designing, manufacturing and distribution group specialising in high quality green electric powered two wheel scooters from its manufacturing facilities in Nanjing, China. The Company has its markets in Asia (China, Indonesia, and Malaysia); Europe ( Germany and Netherlands); North America (USA); South America (Brazil); and other countries. In June 2013, the Company launched the first batch of five new models of electric two wheel vehicles in China. These new models are updated versions of the Company's E-Max classic 80S and 120S electric scooters and newly developed electric two wheel vehicle models. The new models have been developed specifically to target the Chinese market, the design being modern and fashionable and at a reasonable price point. The Company now has a total of 11 models of electric two wheel vehicles and will be developing more models in 2014 to keep up with demand. As announced on 13 August 2013, the Company delivered two trial electric four-wheel street cleaning vehicles for the district Government in Jianye District, Nanjing for trial...