Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri AS (TPRD)

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Company Description

Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri AS was established on 16 November 1983. The Company is mainly engaged in the following fields: to provide and refine crude oil, to import and export petroleum products when necessary, and to establish and operate domestic and foreign refineries for this purpose; to establish and operate factories and facilities in petrochemical and other related industries; to provide the necessary raw and supplementary materials and process, produce or trade these materials in order to obtain petrochemical and other related products; to package the products produced during various phases of production and to establish a packaging industry for this purpose; to evaluate and/or to sell waste, by products and substandard products, to establish and operate the necessary facilities for the destruction of the waste products; to establish and operate facilities and plants related with all kinds of energy and energy related industries within the framework of the laws and regulations. To obtain, use and trade all kinds of equipment, materials and chemical substances for this purpose; to purchase, sell, import, export, store, market and distribute all kinds of petroleum products, LPG and natural gas; to establish, operate and transfer retail stations and maintenance facilities, to take over, rent, give distributorship in order to provide the retail sales of these products, to provide transportation services with its own vehicles or leased vehicles, to establish marketing and distributing companies or similar partnerships with legal entities or real persons or to acquire, transfer or sell the shares of partnerships, when necessary. The company's business segments have been identified as refining...

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