Turkiye Is Bankasi AS (TIBD)

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Company Description

Turkiye Is Bankasi AS was incorporated on August 26, 1924. It comprises of private, retail, commercial and corporate banking, money market and securities market operations, as well as activities related to international banking services. Its operations are classified as corporate, commercial, retail and private banking, as well as treasury/investment banking. Services to the large corporations, SMEs and other trading companies are provided through various financial media within the course of the corporate and commercial operations. Services such as project financing, operating and investment loans, deposit and cash management, credit cards, cheques and bills, foreign trade transactions and financing, letter of guarantee, letter of credit, forfeiting, foreign currency trading, bill collections, payrolls, investment accounts, tax collections and other banking services are provided for the aforementioned customer segments. Retail banking services are comprised of individuals needs such as deposits, consumer loans, overdraft accounts, credit cards, bill collections, remittances, foreign currency trading, safe-deposit boxes, insurance, tax collections, investment accounts and by other banking services. Private banking category, are comprised of any kind of financial and cash management related services are provided for individuals within the high-income segment. Treasury transactions are comprised of medium and long term funding tools such as securities trading, money market transactions, spot and forward TL and foreign currency trading, and derivative transactions such as forwards, swaps, futures and options, as well as syndications and securitizations...