Transense Technologies PLC (TRT)

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Company Description

Transense Technologies PLC was incorporated on February 02, 1985. The Company provides sensor systems for the transportation and industrial markets. The Company develops non-contact battery less sensors and their electronic interrogation systems for measuring pressure, temperature and torque in automotive applications and extending that to various, non-automotive, industrial applications with regards the electronic interrogation, tyre management solutions for the truck and OTR markets, by developing, manufacturing and selling of specialist tyre probes and TPMS monitoring solutions and associated technologies, and provision of electrical switchgear management, among others. The Company offers Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), wireless, battery-less, patent-protected sensor systems. The Company's SAWsense torque sensors are also being used in the wind turbine monitoring industry. The Company's geographical segment includes North America, United Kingdom and Europe. The Company operates in 3 divisions: Translogik - Tyre Management Solutions for the mining, commercial vehicle and passenger car markets. Products for remotely monitoring tyre temperatures, pressures, tread depths and a variety of other key parameters to extend the life of tyres, reduce fuel costs and improve safety; IntelliSAW - Continuous, wireless, critical asset monitoring systems for the power transmission, power distribution, and industrial markets. Leveraging Transense's SAW technology to provide real-time temperature monitoring for electrical switchgear and various other and SAWSense - is the new trading division focused on commercialising the Company's torque, temperature and pressure sensors. Supporting longer-term development projects with existing partners as well as in other new areas of opportunity, both in the automotive and non-automotive fields...