Tertiary Minerals PLC (TYM)

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Company Description

Tertiary Minerals PLC was incorporated on 03 August 1999. The Company is engaged in the identification, acquisition, exploration and development of mineral projects primarily in the fluorspar sector, which is the primary raw material source of fluorine for the chemical, steel and aluminum industries. Its primary areas of operation are Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA and Saudi Arabia. The Company's fluorspar projects include Storuman Fluorspar Project, Sweden; MB Fluorspar Project, Nevada, USA; and the Lassedalen Fluorspar Project, Norway. Its other non-core projects are the gold projects in Finland which include the Kaaresselka and Kiekeromaa gold prospects in the Lappland Greenstone Belt; Rosendal Tantalum Project; and Ghurayyah Tantalum-Niobium-Rare-Earth Project...