Sareum Holdings PLC (SAR)

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Company Description

Sareum Holdings PLCwas incorporated in United Kingdom on June 7, 2004. It is a specialistdrug discovery and development company. The Company is engaged in the discoveryand development of new therapeutic drugs by a combination of skills in biology,computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry. The Company is developingtargeted small molecule therapeutics to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.The Company's drug discovery & development program include CheckpointKinase 1 program for treating colon, pancreatic, and lung cancer, as well asneuroblastoma; Aurora+FLT3 kinase program for treating acute myeloid leukaemiapatients; Tyrosine kinase 2 program for the treatment of multiple sclerosis,rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis; VEGFR-3 program for the treatment of bloodand lymph angiogenesis and Other programmes including ALK, FLT-3, MicrotubuleBinding Agents, PLK, and B-raf...