Richland Resources Ltd (RLD)

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Company Description

Richland Resources Ltd was incorporated on February 20, 2003. It is a holding company of a group of companies engaged in the mining and marketing of the rare gemstone tanzanite via its subsidiary companies. Through its subsidiary, TanzaniteOne Mining Limited, it holds the mining licence over a property containing a proportion of known tanzanite resource. It also conducts outside buying, operates beneficiation facilities, manages tanzanite grading and certification and markets both rough and polished tanzanite as well as exploration for other coloured gemstones. It comprises of five reportable segments: Mining- the extraction of rough tanzanite; Trading- the purchase and sale of rough tanzanite and retail sales via the Tanzanite Experience Shops; Exploration- the exploration of other coloured gemstones; Marketing- the sale of cut and rough tanzanite and the promotion of tanzanite; and Online sales and lapidary- Online sales and cutting and polishing tanzanite...