Rentokil Initial PLC (RTO)

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Company Description

Rentokil Initial PLC, incorporated on March 15, 2005, provides a range of business to business support services. Its business areas are Hygiene, Pest Control, Workwear, Plants and Initial Facilities. Rentokil Pest Control is the commercial pest control company, operating in over 50 countries including recent entries in Turkey, Mexico and Brazil. Initial Hygiene provides high-quality hygiene products and services that minimise risk of exposure to bacteria and other infectious micro-organisms. Initial Workwear specialises in the supply and maintenance of garments, such as workwear and personal protective equipment, throughout Europe. Ambius installs and services both interior and exterior plant displays, flowers, replica foliage, Christmas decorations and ambient scenting for commercial businesses including hotels, offices and shopping centres. Initial Facilities provides fully integrated Total Facilities Management (TFM) to commercial and Government sector organisations of all sizes across all business sectors. It operates in France, Benelux and Germany (including Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic) transferring from the West region to the East region; the UK other category business units transferring from the East region to the West region, and East and West region overhead business units transferring to central and divisional overheads...