Publishing Technology PLC (PTO)

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Company Description

Publishing Technology PLC was incorporated in the United Kingdom on October 2, 1965. The Company along with its subsidiaries offers digital content solutions covering publishing process such as content systems, audience development and content delivery software and services to publishers, information providers, academic libraries and institutions. Its Content Systems provides applications designed to move content forward in the digital era, combining the solutions for both print and digital products. Its revolutionary advance system supports royalties, permissions, editorial, production, online sales and marketing, as well as digital and print distribution. Its Audience Development process includes; Global Sales Representation, Telemarketing, Market Research, Customer Service & Strategic Consulting. Its Content Delivery process provides, Online Platforms, Semantic Enrichment, Mobile, and Ecommerce & Access Entitlement. The Company's operating segments are: Vista; advance; Online; and PCG. Vista sells author2reader publishing management systems; advance sells the new generation of enterprise level publishing management systems; Online provides ingentaconnect, pub2web and ICS online products, and PCG provides consultancy service in sales and marketing and also full service representation services expertise to publishers...