Prudential PLC (PRU)

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Company Description

Prudential PLC is a public limited company incorporated on November 1, 1978 and organized under the laws of England and Wales. The Company is the holding company of the Prudential Group. It is an international financial services group with operations in Asia, the US and the UK. It serves approximately 24 million insurance customers. It offers retail financial products and services and asset management services. The retail financial products and services principally include life insurance, pensions and annuities as well as collective investment schemes. The group's two operating segments are Insurance operations and Asset management. Insurance operations comprise of products that contain both significant and insignificant elements of insurance risk. This segment also includes the commission earned on general insurance business and investment subsidiaries held to support the Group's insurance operations. Asset management comprises both internal and third-party asset management services, inclusive of portfolio and mutual fund management, where the group acts as an advisor, and broker-dealer activities...