Plastics Capital PLC (PLA)

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Company Description

Plastics Capital PLC is a public company incorporated in England and Wales on October 2, 2007. The Company along with its subsidiaries is engaged in the manufacture of plastic products focused on proprietary products for niche markets exporting to approximately over 80 countries worldwide. The Company along with its subsidiaries operates in two segments; Packaging and industrial products. The Packaging segment includes packaging consumables and high strength film packaging used in applications such as Cardboard box manufacture, point of sale products Courier bags, Asbestos bags, Animal feed bags, Food packaging. The Industrial Products segment includes hydraulic hose consumables and plastic rotating parts used in applications such as Construction equipment, mining equipment, Automotive, Office machines, ATMs, Security cameras, Conveyors. The Company has four factories in the UK, one in Thailand, two in China and sales offices in the USA, Japan, India and China...