Plant Impact PLC (PIM)

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Company Description

Plant Impact PLC was incorporated on May 4, 2005. The Company develops and formulates Crop Enhancement products. Its products realize and enhance crop capacity, enabling growers to improve quality and deliver consistently higher marketable yields. Its crop Enhancement products work by beneficially stimulating a plant's physiological responses to stress factors such as heat, salinity, rapid growth, in-field rooting establishment, and the application of pesticides. Crop Enhancement products are distinct from fertilisers, which correct soil deficiency, as well as from conventional agrochemicals (pesticides), which protect crops from invasive pests, diseases or weeds. The Company's products - which are all presently foliar chemical sprays applied on the farm by growers - are developed and registered by the group and then marketed by regional agrochemical distributors or strategic partners such as Bayer CropScience and Arysta LifeScience. Its business is carried out in southern hemisphere for Brazilian operations, reported in the Americas geographic segment and the northern hemisphere businesses reported in the Europe, Middle East and Rest of World segment. Its segments are Crop Nutrients and Pest Control...

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