Personal Group Holdings PLC (PGH)

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Company Description

Personal Group Holdings PLC was incorporated on May 7, 1996. The Company is engaged in transacting employee benefits related business, including short term accident and health insurance and financial services in the UK. The Company operates two trading operating segments, namely employee benefits insurance and consultancy; and financial services offered by Berkeley Morgan Group Ltd., and its subsidiary undertakings. Employee benefits insurance and consultancy derives its revenue from the underwriting by PA of insurance policies that have been bought by employees of host companies via bespoke benefit programs. Insurance related income includes insurance and reinsurance brokerage commission. Insurance brokerage commission includes that derived from voluntary group income protection plan sales. Non-insurance related income includes income derived from the sale of benefit books, consultancy services and property rental income. Financial services revenue consists of revenue generated by BMG and its subsidiary undertakings. Its service consists mainly of commission generated by financial advisers and commission generated from insurance underwriting agencies...