Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group PLC (OXA)

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Company Description

Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group PLC was incorporated on June 13, 2006. It is a research company that designs, develops and manufactures surface modification technology to address the bonding challenges of advanced materials in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and renewable energy markets. Its proprietary platform technology, Onto highly reactive chemistry, provides manufacturers with versatile solutions for even to the difficult-to-bond substrates such as engineering plastics, thermoplastic composites and carbon-based materials. Onto surface treatments can be integrated into existing manufacturing facilities for use in a wide range of surface functionalisation and adhesion promotion applications. It operates its business in two distinct segments, The Reactive Chemistry segment and The Particle Technology segment. The Reactive Chemistry segment is focused on developing and licensing novel OntoTM chemistry that provides advances in cross-linking, adhesion and surface modification leading to new and advanced materials and material solutions. The Particle Technology segment is focused on using and modifying particles for use in a wide range of applications, from optical coatings (VISARCTM) through to fast moving consumer goods and agrochemicals. Work in this segment has been suspended at the present time. The Company is the supplier of Onto and VISARC technology...