OJSC Cherkizovo Group (CHE)

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Company Description

OJSC Cherkizovo Group was incorporated on September 22, 2005. The Company is an integrated diversified meat producer in the Russian Federation. Its operations are structured into four operating divisions: Meat Processing, Poultry, Pork and Grain. The Company operates six meat processing plants, where it process raw meat into fresh and ready-to-cook products, and process it further into processed meat, sausages, hams and other products. The division also carries out associated sales and trading operations. Its Poultry division consists of seven production clusters and the associated sales and trading operations. The Pork operations comprise 14 integrated pork complexes and its Grain segment, 51,200-hectare land bank. In poultry products, Petelinka is the brand in the chilled poultry segment on Moscow market; Vasilievka is the brand of chilled poultry in the mid-price segment in Penza and the Penza region; Domashnya Kurochka is an eco-product in a premium segment of the Moscow chilled poultry market; Chicken Kingdom is a quality chilled and frozen poultry. In processed meat products, Cherkizovsky is a sausage and meat brand; Imperiya Vkusa - dainty ham and smoked products; Myasnaya Gubernia is a trademark offering sausage products; Ulyanovsky is a trademark of the meat products of Volga Region. The Company's trademarks are Kurinoe Tsarstvo, Cherkizovsky, among others...