Nanoco Group PLC (NANO)

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Company Description

Nanoco Group PLCwas incorporated and domiciled in theUnited Kingdom on March 9, 2004. The Company along with its subsidiaries isengaged in the research, development, licensing and manufacturing of heavy-metalfree quantum dots and semiconductor nanoparticles for use in displays,lighting, solar energy and bio-imaging. The Company serves four market areasincluding; displays, lighting, solar and bio-imaging. In the display market itsCFQD quantum dots offer enhanced colour, energy efficiency, and seamlessintegration into existing LCD production processes. In the lighting market its CFQDquantum dots enable tuneable, high-efficiency LED lighting. In the solarmarket, Company's nanomaterials produce efficient, low cost and lightweight solarcells. In the bio-imaging market, Company's nanomaterials offer in-vivo andin-vitro biological imaging of cells for advanced diagnostic applications. The Companyhas operation in four geographical areas including; United Kingdom, Europe,Asia and USA...

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