Mobile Tornado Group PLC (MBT)

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Company Description

Mobile Tornado Group Plc was incorporated in United Kingdom on May 24, 2004. The Company is engaged in providing instant communication mobile applications serving the market of mobile data services in the mobile communication industry. The Company's patented Internet Protocol Radio Service (IPRS) technology has deployed on networks around the world. The suite of IP-based, OMA standards-compliant services provide instantaneous, 'always-on', bandwidth-efficient communications across a range of mobile networks and devices, including compatibility with forthcoming LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G mobile networks. The Company offers Instant Talk (Push to Talk), Instant Locate, Instant Alert, and Instant Message. Instant Talk, allows a mobile workforce to instantly communicate with the office as well as their team, improving workforce management and efficiency. Instant Locate is a GPS-enabled making it possible to manage location reports of a remote workforce in an instant. Instant Alert service ensures the delivery of the alert to the centre, maintains the connectivity status of the user requiring assistance, and prioritizes resource allocations to its user. Instant Messaging service allows a workforce to transmit short, text-based messages between any users regardless of whether they are fixed (PC based) or mobile. The Company also offers its BB3G Mobile Phone a communication device, designed to consolidate the range of services in a robust and easy-to-use client device. It provides access to the full range of Mobile Tornado services. The Company offers its solutions to software vendors, mobile operators, service providers, and enterprises, as well as operates as a hosted platform. It has operations in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific...