Kenmare Resources PLC (KMR)

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Company Description

Kenmare Resources PLC is engaged in the operation of the Moma Titanium Minerals Mine (the Mine). The Mine is located on the northern coast of Mozambique. Mining operations are carried out by Kenmare Moma Mining (Mauritius) Limited and downstream processing is undertaken by Kenmare Moma Processing (Mauritius) Limited (together the Project Companies), both wholly-owned subsidiary companies within the Group. The Company has identified the presence of significant rare earth oxides (REOs) in the tailings of the MSP. These REOs, including cerium, lanthanum and neodymium, are found in monazite, present in Namalope and Nataka deposits at a grade of 0.02% (0.56% of the total heavy minerals). Monazite concentrate is used as a feed for REO plants internationally. The Company undertakes mining and concentrating activities in two separate dredge mining operations in the Namalope deposit. The MSP uses screening, magnetic, electrostatic and gravity separation circuits to separate valuable minerals from non-valuable minerals, and also to make different ilmenite, rutile and zircon product grades to meet specific customer requirements...