Keller Group PLC (KLR)

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Company Description

Keller Group PLC, incorporated on November 13, 1989, is a ground engineering contractor, renowned for providing technically advanced and cost-effective foundation solutions. The Company's services and projects include piling and earth retention, ground improvement, specialty grouting, anchors, nails and minipiles, and post-tension concretes. Piling and earth retention involves the installation of structural elements to transfer foundation loads through weak soils to stronger underlying ground. Ground improvement techniques are used to prepare the ground for new construction projects and to reduce the risk of liquefaction in areas of seismic activity. Specialty grouting strengthens target areas in the ground and controls ground water flow through rocks and soils by reducing their permeability. Post-tension cable systems are used to reinforce concrete foundations and structural spans, enhancing load-bearing capacity by applying a comprehensive force to the concrete, once set...