JSC Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CHZN)

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Company Description

JSC Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant was incorporated under Russian legislation in May 1993 as an open joint stock company and is domiciled in the Russian Federation. The Company is engaged in the extraction and integrated processing of ore with the purpose of producing zinc and lead concentrates, production and distribution of zinc, zinc alloys and by-products. Its manufacturing facilities are based in Chelyabinsk (the Russian Federation), Akzhal (the Republic of Kazakhstan) and Cannock (the United Kingdom). It has a license to mine lead and zinc ore at the Akzhal field in the Karaganda Region issued by the authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Company operates in the following segments: Mining segment - it is represented by Nova Zinc LLP, an operator of lead zinc mine Akzhal in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which produces zinc and lead concentrate; Smelting segment - it is represented by JSC Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, which produces Special High Grade zinc of 99.995% metal purity and zinc-based alloys; and Alloying segment - it is represented by The Brock Metal Company Limited, a British producer of die-cast zinc alloys...