JPMorgan Elect PLC (JPE)

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Company Description

JPMorgan Elect PLC is an investment trust incorporated in UnitedKingdom on September 16, 1999. The Company has three share classes with investmentpolicies, objectives and underlying investment portfolios including ManagedGrowth, Managed Income, and Managed Cash. Managed Growth investment objective isto achieve long term capital growth from investing in investment trusts andopen-ended funds managed by JPMorgan Asset Management. Managed Incomeinvestment objective is to achieve growth of income with potential for longterm capital growth by investing in equities, investment trusts and fixedincome securities. Managed Cash investment objective is to provide preservationof capital with a yield based on short term interest rates by investing in arange of sterling liquidity funds, selected for their yield and credit ratingand short dated AAA-rated UK government securities or G7 government securitieshedged into sterling...