Johnson Matthey PLC (JMAT)

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Company Description

Johnson Matthey PLC was incorporated on April 11, 1894. The Company is a specialty chemicals company. It operates in five segments Emission Control Technologies, Process Technologies, Precious Metal Products, Fine Chemicals, and New Businesses. The Emission Control Technologies segment comprises of light duty diesel catalyst business. It is manufacturer of catalysts and catalyst systems for vehicles and industry. Its products reduces emissions and improce air quality. Process Technologies is a supplier of catalysts, licensing technologies and other services to the syngas, deo/biochemical, petrochemical, oil refining and gas processing industries. The Company's Precious Metal Products segment recycles, refines markets and distributes precious metals; fabricates product using precious metals and related materials, as well as platinum group metal (PGM) and base metal catalysts and refines gold and silver. The Fine Chemical segment supplies pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals and other speciality chemicals to chemical and pharmaceutical industry customers and research institutes. Its products treat cancer, relieve pain and alleviate other medical conditions. New Businesses focuses on areas peripherial to its current interests that build on its core technology competencies. It comprises its Battery Technologies and Fuel Cells busineses...