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Company Description

ISG PLCwas incorporated in the United Kingdom on December2, 1994. The Company along with its subsidiaries is engaged in providing fitout, refurbishment, construction, design and project management services to itsclients in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Middle East, SouthAfrica andAsia. The Company operates in geographical segments includingUK Fit Out and Engineering Services, UK Retail, UK Construction, ContinentalEurope, Middle East, and Asia. The UK Fit Out and Engineering Services segmentprovides office fit out and refurbishment services in the UK and engineeringservices including data centers in the UK and Continental Europe. The UK Retailsegment provides fit out, refurbishment and ancillary new build services toretail and hospitality customers in the UK. The UK Construction segment providesnew build, refurbishment and ancillary fit out services in the UK. The MiddleEast segment provides fit out, refurbishment and project management services inthe Middle East and Africa. The Asia segment provides fit out, refurbishment,design, project management and commissioning management services in Asia. TheCompany's has European operations in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland,Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg and Russia; MiddleEast operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar; and Asian operations in Hong Kong,China, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, South Korea, Thailand and Australia. It alsooperates in Brazil...