Intertek Group PLC (ITRK)

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Company Description

Intertek Group PLC is a company incorporated and domiciled in the United Kingdom. The Company is a provider of quality and safety solutions serving various industries. It is organized into five operating divisions namely Commodities, Industry & Assurance, Consumer Goods, Commercial & Electrical and Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals. Commodities provide cargo inspection, analytical assessment, calibration and related research and technical services to the world's petroleum, mining, minerals and bio-fuels industries. Industry & Assurance includes depth knowledge of the oil, gas, nuclear, power, renewable energy, construction, food, chemical and agricultural industries; the division provides a diverse range of services to help customers meet global quality standards. Consumer Goods are provider of services to the textiles, toys, footwear, hard-lines, and food and retail industries. Commercial & Electrical comprises the global network of accredited facilities provides manufacturers and retailers with safety, performance and quality testing and certification services. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals serves various industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and automotive and aerospace. The group operates in UK, Australia, China and U.S...