Innovation Group (The) PLC (TIG)

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Company Description

Innovation Group (The) PLC was incorporated on September 30, 1996. The Company is a provider of specialist software and outsourcing services to the insurance industry and related automotive, fleet and property sectors. Automotive sector includes vehicle service and maintenance plans adding value to an insurance policy, lifetime guarantees on car repairs when the repairs are carried out by accredited repair shops, or real-time roadside assistance and claims management services. In fleet and lease sector, it offers the full range of services - from core servicing and maintenance through to incident management and repair. Its different products and services are: Motor Business Process Outsourcing and networks, Property Business Process Outsourcing and networks, Other Business Process Outsourcing and networks and Software. The Company has operations in the UK, Germany, South Africa, Asia Pacific which includes Australia, India and Japan, North America which includes the US and Canada, and the Rest of Europe which includes France, Spain and Benelux...