Inditherm PLC (IDM)

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Company Description

Inditherm PLC was incorporated on June 25, 1998 in England and Wales and is domiciled in England. It is engaged in the manufacture, sale, installation and licensing of specialised heating materials and products. Its activities are organised into three segments, two trading segments, being Medical and Industrial Standard Product, and Central and Unallocated costs. The Medical segment is engaged in warming solutions to prevent hypothermia and heat therapy systems for the treatment of injuries and enhancing intravenous therapies for both staff and patients. The Company engages its attention on standard products for heating containers such as industry standard IBCs and drums. The bespoke solutions business area, which targets sectors such as confectionery manufacture, is handled by its partner organisation, ADI Group, with the Company supplying the heating elements. In construction applications the Company has developed solutions to accelerate concrete curing. Its technology provides the benefit of improved cycle times, reduction in lost production, avoiding project delays and significant savings on energy and cement costs...