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Company Description

ICAP PLC was incorporated in the United Kingdom on August 3, 1998. The Company provides electronic execution, risk mitigation, messaging, broking and information services for wholesale market participants. The Company's segments include Global Broking, Electronic Markets and Post Trade Risk and Information. The global Broking division was formed amalgamating the three regionally-managed voice broking businesses in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific. This reorganisation mirrors the way the Electronic Markets and Post Trade Risk and Information divisions are managed and enhances the division's ability to serve its global customer base. Electronic Markets offer an exchange-like trading solutions to 2,800 customers in 50 countries across a range of instruments including spot FX, US Treasuries, European government bonds and EU and US repo. The Post Trade Risk and Information business comprises the portfolio risk services businesses, Reset, ReMatch and TriOptima, the transaction processing business, Traiana, and the information business which together provide services to 3,000 customers...