Hunting PLC (HTG)

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Company Description

Hunting PLC was incorporated on 13 March 1970. The Company is an upstream energy services company which manufactures, supplies and distributes equipment to enable the extraction of oil and gas. The Group comprises three separate business divisions. The Hunting Energy Services division carries out Company's core operating activity which is the manufacture and distribution of products, provision of related services and equipment rental to the upstream energy sector. Hunting Energy Services works with international and national oil companies as well as energy service companies and independent operators. The division operates across three segments which reflect the well life cycle being Well Construction, Well Completion and Well Intervention. The Group also includes two non-core divisions: Gibson Shipbrokers which is a ship broker and an Exploration and Production business engaged in the Southern US and offshore Gulf of Mexico. The Well completion segment refers to the processes of preparing a well for production. This involves the assembly of down hole tubular and equipment required to enable safe and efficient production from an oil or gas well. The Well construction segment refers to the initial drilling and processes of constructing the wellbore in an oil and gas well. These processes typically include drilling and logging the hole; running, cementing and logging the casing; hydraulic fracturing or stimulating the well and monitoring well performance and integrity. The Well intervention segment refers to any operation carried out on an oil or gas well that maintains or enhances the production of the well or provides well diagnostics. The Company's Premium Connections platform manufactures and distributes precision engineered technologies and a product for all well bores. It provides Oil Country Tubular Goods directly to international, national and the independent oil and gas companies sourced from steel mills and apply proprietary or licensed technology to these tu