Hilton Food Group PLC (HFG)

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Company Description

Hilton Food Group PLC was incorporated on March 16, 2007. The Company is a specialist retail meat-packing business supplying international food retailers in thirteen countries. The Company has operations in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Central Europe including Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The business comprises three distinct operating segments: Western Europe, this operating segment covers the businesses in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden and Denmark; Central Europe, In Central Europe the Group's meat packing business, based at Tychy in Poland, supplies three customer groups across Central Europe, from Hungary to the Baltics; Central costs and other, In Australia the Company is involved in a joint venture with Woolworths for operating certain Woolworths' meat processing and packing plants, based on the volume of retail packed meat delivered to Woolworths' stores. The Company is in full compliance with all environmental regulations, permits and consent limits which apply to each of its packing plants in each country of operation...