Genus PLC (GNS)

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Company Description

Genus PLC was incorporated in the United Kingdom on September 26, 1994. The Company is engaged in the application of genetics and biotechnology to animal breeding in porcine and dairy/artificial insemination beef sectors. The Company's technology is applicable to livestock species and it commercializes it in dairy, beef and pork. It breeds pigs and bulls. The Company sells under trademarks PIC for pigs, and ABS for dairy and beef cattle. The Company operates in three business units, Genus PIC, Genus ABS, and Genus Asia. Genus PIC serves porcine customers in North America, Latin America and Europe. Genus ABS serves dairy and beef customers in North America, Latin America andEurope. Genus Asia covers both porcine and bovine species in the Asian market. It operates in approximately over 25 countries on six continents. The Company offers products in two markets including porcine and dairy and beef markets. In the porcine market, it offers genetically superior boars and sows that produce offspring with higher carcass value and desirable characteristics, including feed-efficient growth or leaner meat. In the dairy and beef markets, its product includes bull semen, enabling customers to use artificial insemination to improve their herds and their efficiency...