Gemfields PLC (GEM)

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Company Description

Gemfields PLCwas incorporated in United Kingdom on May 14,2004. The Company is engaged in exploring, mining, processing and selling of colouredgemstones. The Company operates in five segments as per the geographic units andbusiness units based on the products and services including Zambia, Mozambique,United Kingdom, Fabergee, and other. The Zambia segment is engaged in mining ofemerald and beryl; Mozambique segment engaged in mining of ruby and corundum;United Kingdom segment engaged in the selling of cut and polished gemstones andprovides marketing, technical and administrative services; Fabergee segment isengaged in the wholesale and retail sales of jewellery; and other segment includestraded auctions, and sales and marketing office. The Company has operations inUnited Kingdom, Zambia, Canada, BVI, and India...