Finsbury Food Group PLC (FIF)

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Company Description

Finsbury Food Group PLC was incorporated and registered in England and Wales on March 9, 1925 under the Companies Acts 1908 to 1917 as a limited company and with the name United Tin Areas of Nigeria Limited. The Company changed its name to Finsbury Food Group PLC on August 30, 2002. The Company's shares were admitted to trading on aim in 2002 under Finsbury Food Group PLC and were subsequently re-admitted to trading on aim on February 23, 2007 following an acquisition and placing. It is a producer of celebration cake and also speciality bread. Within its cake business, it provides premium and celebration cakes plus low fat cake slices. Within its bread business, it provides artisan and organic bread. The Company also produces and supplies fresh and frozen bakery products to grocery retailers and foodservice customers. Its products include rolls, muffins (American and English), bread, baguettes, doughnuts, scones and cupcakes for both the retail and foodservice sectors...