Epistem Holdings PLC (EHP)

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Company Description

Epistem Holdings PLC is a company incorporated in the UK. It provides services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, covering pre-clinical testing and gene biomarker services and the development of novel therapeutics for partner companies. Its business segments are Preclinicial Research Services, Personalised Medicine and Novel Therapies. Preclinical Research Services provides preclinical testing services. Personalised Medicine specializes in molecular measures of biological effect and point of care molecular diagnostic testing. Novel Therapies is discovering key regulators of epithelial stem cells. The group has expanded its technology reach into diagnostics with the development of Genedrive a 'point of care' molecular diagnostic device. Genedrive is targeted at providing a 'near patient' diagnosis in less than thirty minutes. Novel Therapies division continues to develop the regenerative medicine collaboration with Novartis and is identifying the key regulators of stem cells and epithelial cell production. The group has operations in the United Kingdom, USA, Europe and Asia...