e-Therapeutics PLC (ETX)

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Company Description

e-Therapeutics PLC is incorporated is a company incorporated and domiciled in the United Kingdom on October 15, 2001. It is a drug discovery and development company with a platform in network pharmacology. The Company is engaged in discovery of potential new drug therapies for a variety of diseases and has also developed a proprietary platform in network pharmacology. The Company uses this platform to analyze networks of proteins associated with particular diseases. The Company has two drugs in clinical development including; ETS2101 and ETS6103. The cancer drug candidate, ETS2101, targets cancer cells' ability to resist their own self-destruct mechanisms. Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death that is present in all cells, but has been switched off in malfunctioning cancer cells. ETS2101 has been in two phase I studies for; brain cancer & Solid tumors. The ETS6103 is aimed at patients suffering from severe depression. The phase IIb trial is evaluating ETS6103 as a second-line therapy for patients who have not responded adequately to first-line treatment with an SSRI...