Commercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE (CBKD)

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Company Description

Commercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE, established in 1975, is a private sector bank in Egypt, offering a broad range of financial products and services to its customers, which include enterprises of all sizes, institutions, households and high net worth individuals. In addition to traditional asset and liability products, the Company offers wealth management, securitization, direct investment and treasury services, all delivered through client-centric teams. The Company also owns a number of subsidiaries, including CI Capital, which offers asset management, investment banking, brokerage and research services, in addition to the Commercial International Life Insurance Company, the Falcon Group, and Egypt Factors. The Company's operating segments are Retail banking, Corporate banking, Investment banking, and Other. Retail banking, which incorporates private banking services, private customer current accounts, savings, deposits, investment savings products, custody, credit and debit cards, consumer loans and mortgages. Corporate banking, which incorporates direct debit facilities, current accounts, deposits, overdrafts, loan and other credit facilities, foreign currency and derivative products. Investment banking, which incorporates financial instruments trading, structured financing, corporate leasing, and merger and acquisitions advice. Others, which incorporates other bank operations comprise fund management, institutional finance and providing computer services...