Chemring Group PLC (CHG)

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Company Description

Chemring Group PLC, incorporated on November 30, 1905, is engaged in the manufacture of energetic material products and countermeasures. It provides solutions to defence, security and safety markets. Its four operating divisions are Countermeasures, Sensors & Electronics, Pyrotechnics & Munitions and Energetic Sub-Systems. Countermeasures provides expendable active and passive countermeasures for naval and air platforms and land-based electronic warfare equipment. Sensors & Electronics provides IED detection equipment, chemical and biological threat detection equipment, IED electronic countermeasures, explosive ordnance disposal equipment and demilitarisation services. Pyrotechnics & Munitions provides Signals and illumination devices and payloads, cartridge/propellant actuated devices, pyrotechnic devices for satellite launch and deployment, missile and ammunition components, propellants, warheads, fuzes, medium and large-calibre ammunition. Energetic Sub-Systems provides Separation sub-systems, actuators and energetic materials. The Company's operations and ownership or use of real property is subject to a number of federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations, including those relating to discharge of hazardous materials, remediation of contaminated sites, and restoration of damage to the environment...