Bank of Georgia Holdings PLC (BGEO)

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Company Description

Bank of Georgia Holdings PLC was incorporated on October 14, 2011. The Company is a UK-Incorporated holding company of JSC Bank of Georgia, representing the Bank's ultimate parent company and together with the Bank's subsidiaries making up a group of companies. It provides banking, leasing, insurance, brokerage & wealth management services, to corporate & individual customers. The Company's operating segments include: Retail banking provides consumer loans, mortgage loans, overdrafts, credit card facilities and other credit facilities as well as funds transfer and settlement services, and handling customers' deposits for both individuals as well as legal entities, encompassing mass affluent segment, retail mass markets, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro businesses; Corporate Banking providing loans and other credit facilities to large VIP as well as other legal entities, larger than SME and micro, finance lease facilities provided by Georgian Leasing Company LLC, as well as providing funds transfers and settlement services, trade finance services and documentary operations support, handling saving and term deposits for corporate and institutional customers; Investment Management involves providing Wealth and Asset Management services to same individuals through different investment opportunities and specifically designed investment products; Corporate Centre provides back office services to all operating segments of the Group as well as holding all principal investments in subsidiaries; Insurance provides wide-scale non-life insurance services to corporate clients and insured individuals; Healthcare provides wide-scale healthcare services to clients and insured individuals; Affordable Housing comprising JSC m2 Real Estate, principally developing and selling affordable residential apartments; BG Capita providing brokerage, custody and corporate finance services, mostly to wealthy or mass affluent individuals as well as to corporate customers; BNB comprisi