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Company Description

AVEVA Group PLC was incorporated on June 9, 1994. The Company is a holding company which is engaged in marketing and development of computer software and services for engineering and related solutions. The Company is organised into two lines of business being Engineering & Design Systems and Enterprise Solutions. These two lines of business are considered to be the two reportable segments for the Company. Each line of business is managed separately due to the differing requirements of each market. The products of each of the lines of business are taken to market by a shared sales force that is itself organised into three geographical sales divisions: Asia Pacific; Americas; and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The Engineering & Design Systems line of business is engaged in the creation of digital plants and ships. Enterprise Solutions line of business creates and manages digital asset that supports the entire lifecycle of a complex physical asset. The Company operates in the competitive markets that serve the Oil & Gas, Power and Marine markets...