ARM Holdings PLC (ARM)

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Company Description

ARM Holdings PLC is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales. The Company was formed on October 16, 1990 as a joint venture between Apple Computer (UK) Limited and Acorn Computers Limited and operated under the name Advanced RISC Machines Holdings Limited. The Company designs microprocessors, physical IP and related technology and software, and sell development tools to enhance the performance, cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency of high-volume embedded applications. The Company operates in three segments namely Processor Division (PD), the Physical IP Division (PIPD) and the System Design Division (SDD). The Processor Division (PD), encompassing those resources that are centred on microprocessor cores, including specific functions such as graphics IP, system IP, embedded software and configurable digital signal processing (DSP) IP. Physical IP Division (PIPD), concerned with the building blocks necessary for translation of a circuit design into actual silicon and System Design Division (SDD), focused on the tools and models used to create and debug software and system-on-chip (SoC) designs...