Antofagasta PLC (ANTO)

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Company Description

Antofagasta PLC was incorporated on April 7, 1982. The Company is engaged in copper mining, including exploration and development. The Company is organised into three business divisions based on their products - Mining, Railway and other transport services and the Water concession. The Mining division is split further by mine and exploration activity. Los Pelambres, Esperanza, El Tesoro and Michilla are all operating mines and Antucoya is a development project. Los Pelambres produces primarily copper concentrate and molybdenum as a by-product. Esperanza produces primarily copper concentrate containing gold as a by-product. El Tesoro and Michilla both produce copper cathodes. The Transport division provides rail cargo (based in Chile and Bolivia) and road cargo (based in Chile) together with a number of ancillary services (based in Chile). The Water division produces and distributes potable water to domestic customers and untreated water to industrial customers in Chile's Antofagasta Region. The Exploration and evaluation segment incurs exploration and evaluation expenses. The Company's operations are subject to laws and regulations, and internal policies, procedures and control activities...