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Company Description

ANGLE PLC was incorporated on December 04, 2003 in England and Wales. It is a commercially driven specialist medical diagnostic company with products in cancer diagnostics and foetal health. The Company is commercializing a platform technology that can capture cells circulating in blood, such as cancer cells, even when they are as rare in number as one cell in one billion blood cells, and harvest the cells for analysis. The Company has developed Parsortix cell separation device, which can capture rare circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in cancer patient blood. It operates in three business segments: Controlled investment, Non-controlled investments, and Management services. The controlled investments segment, where the Company has control, as a result of owning in excess of 50% of the equity. Their results, along with associated operating companies, are consolidated into the company's results with investment costs. The non-controlled investments segment, where the Company does not have control. This comprises its investment in Geomerics which was sold during the period and a retention payment receivable in December 2015. The management services segment - provision of Management services to clients including research organisations, corporate and governmental organisations on a fee-for-service basis...