Akers Biosciences Inc (AKR)

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Company Description

Akers Biosciences Inc was incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey on March 9, 1989 under the name A.R.C. Enterprises, Inc. The Company develops, manufactures, and supplies rapid, point-of-care screening and testing products designed to bring health-related information directly to the patient or clinician in a time- and cost-efficient manner. ABI believes it has advanced the science of diagnostics through the development of several proprietary platform technologies that provide product development flexibility. All of the Company's rapid, single-use tests are performed in vitro (outside the body) and are designed to enhance patient well-being and reduce total outcome costs of healthcare. The Company's current product offerings and pipeline products focus on delivering diagnostic assistance in various healthcare fields/specialties, including cardiology/emergency medicine, metabolism/nutrition, neuropsychiatry, oncology and infectious diseases detection, as well as for on- and off-the-job alcohol safety initiatives. The Company has developed strategic relationship and strong distribution networks in the following key markets segments; Clinical Laboratories; Physicians' Office/Retail and Urgent Care Clinics; Nutraceutical Suppliers; and Military/Government. Its registered trademarks include BreathScan, PIFA, PIFA PLUSS, seraSTAT, HealthTest, and Be a Hero, Get Their Keys, and METRON. Company's testing platform technologies include MPC Biosensor Technology, Particle ImmunoFiltration Assay (PIFA) Technology, SMC Technology, Rapid Enzymatic Assay, minDNA Technology and Rapid Blood Cell Separation Technology. Company's marketed and emerging products include BreathScan/CHUBE, BreathScan PRO, Breath Ketone Check, VIVO, PIFA Heparin/PF4, seraSTAT and PIFA PLUSS. The Company competes with Abbott, ACON Laboratories, Inc., Alere, Diagnostica Stago, SA., Immucor, Inc., OraSure Technologies, Inc., Quidel Corporation, among others. All of its proposed and existing prod