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LEBC welcomes advice to consumers to avoid pension theft

The Dashboard is a Treasury initiative designed to give everyone a complete summary of all their pensions on a digital platform. It has received widespread backing from the pensions industry,

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ISAs: top 10 investment mistakes to avoid

  1.   Putting too many of your eggs in one basket Every investor has to start somewhere and to begin with this will often involve buying one share or fund.  Ensuring

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Quantitative Easing: what it is and how it works

There’s a lot of nonsense spoken about Quantitative Easing, much of it by politicians, financial ‘experts’ and economists. The nonsensical mantra that it is ‘good’ for an economy is then repeated endlessly by

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Morgan Stanley views QE proposals as a ‘positive surprise’

In a note out today, Morgan Stanley, the US banking behemoth predictably welcomed the announcement from the European Central Bank’s on Quantitative Easing, saying it “goes beyond market expectations and

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The Royal Mint revives gold brand

The Royal Mint is expanding its bullion range to offer gold and silver minted bars bearing the historic marque of The Royal Mint Refinery brand. This is the first time

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European QE: why it can’t work

Despite all the whooping and hollering about how €60bn a month of quantitative easing,  or money printing, by the European Central Bank is going to rescue a Europe that is

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Small cap: Chelsea owner increases stake in Velocys

Billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has put more money into Velocys (AIM: VLS), increasing his holding to 14.3% from 13.09% Its technology turns natural gas into premium liquid products such

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Potential mobile telecomms takeover targets

While nothing gets an investor salivating like the prospect of a takeover, finding a potential target can be hard work. Indeed, you must choose carefully when assessing the prospects of

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UK under-employment set to remain an issue

The number of people who are under-employed will not return to pre-recession levels for more than eight years at the current rate of reduction, according to new analysis published by

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What will be in 2015?

2015 has had a shaky start for investors with the collapse in oil prices and fears over deflation, making it particularly hard to predict what will happen this year. Of