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DIY investors warned to check charges

Findings from Prudential suggest that many DIY investors, those who self-select the majority of their investments, are failing to consider important taxes and charges when making investment decisions. Almost half

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Firms may be forced to come clean on past mistakes

The financial watchdog has published a discussion paper asking financial services firms and consumer bodies whether greater “transparency” on mis-selling redress, insurance claims and customer complaints broken down by firm

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How to plan your finances

Financial planning in its most basic form is the practice of working out how to achieve the lifestyle that you would like to lead. This means sitting down and deciding

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Weaker pound sends expat pensions tumbling

The figures calculated by the deVere Group show the UK state pension was worth €577.37 per month for the average pensioner on 1 January 2013 but has fallen to just

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How do you value an IFA?

Most importantly of all is do I trust them? I will ask family, friends, and colleagues who they trust and can recommend. Once I have some names I will check

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Five reasons to invest in China

Money and the Snake The Snake can be successful as long as he avoids impromptu spending. Although he is intuitive, the Snake will often dive right into decisions without weighing

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UCIS can be tax efficient but beware risk

There are many reasons for this but, primarily, it is the result of demand for investments which have the potential to provide performance in excess of that available through more

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Closing the tax avoidance loophole in 2013

Graham Aaronson published his report on 21 November 2011, setting out a recommendation for the introduction of a narrowly focused general anti-abuse rule (still a GAAR but with the second

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Snakes and ladders in China

“As I expected, the Chinese economy seems to have bottomed out in the third quarter of 2012, thanks to support from ongoing monetary easing,” he explained. “Recent signals such as

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Biggest money regrets – don’t get caught out

For those currently in work, having an appropriate financial plan in place could be the difference between enjoying a comfortable retirement or struggling. It’s important now to make the effort