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Tinpot critical illness cover is a false economy

Each year in the UK 320,000 people are newly diagnosed with cancer and well over 200,000 suffer a heart attack or a stroke. Critical illness plans are constantly evolving and

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Consumers increase their levels of life cover

Men in their 30s have increased the amount they insure themselves for the most in the past year with the typical life assurance sum increasing by 20% according to new

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Bank Base Rate remains unchanged at 0.5%

“Recently we have seen signs of a tentative recovery as the UK economic picture starts to improve and other market indicators move into positive territory,” said Stephen Smith, head of

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Insuring against an investment firesale

Most of us work hard to build what we consider to be our nest egg for retirement. We strive to give our children the best possible start in life, whilst

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LV= overhauls critical illness plan

Alan Lakey, an IFA and protection expert at Highclere Financial, said the upgrade was “substantial” with 57 full or partial payment conditions plus total permanent disability and terminal illness. “This

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Protecting your children

In 2008 I did a bike ride for charity; a friend of mine was cycling 400 miles with 9 other blokes from Scotland to Derby, and, me being me, I

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Pensions and investment costs hit by Scottish independence

The report from the Treasury suggests that if Scottish voters decide on independence in September 2014 the financial services market would suffer “significant disruption”. And it claimed that the costs

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A machine that pays you to enjoy life

There seems to be a misconception that insurers are still trying to wriggle out of claims and that cover is a waste of money. This is having a massive effect

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Protect your wealth when your health fails

After all if you are rich you can self-insure can’t you? Wrong! Your income is the engine that generates your wealth. Unless you can live entirely off your unearned income

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Financial planning or financial advice?

We don’t have to go back far in time to see an industry where financial advisers were transaction based. They earned their living by selling financial products and being paid